Washington Deli Policies

Delivery Policy: Delivery is available with all catering orders. Reduced delivery charges are available for orders within a reasonable walking distance (about 3 blocks) during normal business hours. Any delivery requiring a vehicle is subject to an additional delivery charge. All Weekend deliveries are subject to an additional charge for both delivery and additional labor and/or food costs. For those orders which require that Washington Deli provide equipment (chafing dishes, coffee thermoses, insulated bags) there is a minimum $10 delivery charge and a minimum $10 charge for the retrieval of the equipment. It is our policy to return the next business day for any equipment. We expect that you will take responsibility for the equipment during this time.

Curb Side Delivery: To save on delivery charges, consider using our curb side delivery service. This service requires that you bring your office cart or co-workers out to the street to meet our delivery person at the curb. Please call for details!

Free Curb Side Pickup: To eliminate charges, consider using our curb side pickup service. Just call us on your cell phone then pull up to our loading space which is right outside our door to receive your food! Remember that our store is on the 20th Street side of the building and 20th Street runs one way from south to north. Easy and Free!

Tableware/Paper Products: Disposable paper products and serving utensils for most orders are available at a cost of .1.25 per person. For selections from the Hot Entree menu, Chopped Salad Bar menu, and the Taco Bar menu, the charge for disposable paper products and serving utensils is $1.25 per person. Tablecloths are available at a cost of $5.00 each.

Chafing Racks: Chafing Racks are $20.00 a set. This includes the metal rack, water pan, and a sterno.

Coffee Service Handling Charges: There is a $5 charge for coffee service regardless of the number of participants. Coffee service is also subject to a retrieval charge if thermos service is chosen, otherwise we normally use insulated disposable coffee boxes.

Servers: Servers are available for $35 per hour, minimum 3 hours. Servers will be dressed in white shirt with black slacks.

Payment Terms: Washington Delicatessen accepts all major credit cards, and Pay Pal. For those companies wishing to establish a corporate account, please complete our Corporate Account Application. Once a corporate account has been established the terms are 30 days net.

Tax Exempt Organizations: Washington Delicatessen will try to be as accommodating as possible with not-for-profit organizations. We specialize in working within your budget. Please be prepared to fax or email us your District of Columbia Tax Exempt Certificate prior to payment.

Cancellation Policy: Orders must be canceled 24 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are 50% of the order's pre-tax total. if you must cancel via email, please make sure you get a reply.

Online Orders: Orders placed online require notice. If we don't confirm your order within 24 hours please call us!

Food Safety: Please put left over food in a refrigerator after your meeting. Generally, food that has been at room temperature for more than two hours should be discarded.

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